Medical equipment maintenance in Argentina

- design, repairs, electronic plates - also we realised maintenance and automatization - we quoted in the day - technical serv: alberto.

Alberto Pereira

- Design, repairs, electronic plates - Also we realised maintenance and automatization - We quoted in the day - technical Serv: alberto
Mitre 587 - Flores - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Eisar Biomedical Solutions

Eisar biomedical solutions with offices in Cordoba, Tucuman and Buenos Aires, offers solutions in medical technology through consulting, sales and maintenance of medical equipment.
Alte Brown 155- 2do D - Capital - Córdoba - Argentina

Medical equipment: sales in Argentina
Company dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for aesthetic, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. stimulators, ultrasounds, tens, RF ultracavitador boots, acupressure, altafrecuencia. ...


Completion of service of electromedical equipment, shortwave equipment, electro, magnetic, ultrasound.
Gualeguaychù 326.Floresta. - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Rpte: Carlos J Camejo

Medika Mediterranea

We are a team of highly trained professionals to advise on the purchase of equipment and to provide quality technical assistance to health center.
José María Galán 457 - Bo. San Martín-Córdoba - Capital - Córdoba - Argentina