Podiatrists in Argentina

Products of podolog?a, commercialization.

Dr. Lenox S.A.

Products of podolog?a, commercialization
Alvarado 2244 - Capital Federal C1290AAH - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Podologa UBA

Vascular diagnosis, the pathological neurological foot. Diabetic foot. Orthoses. Homes, office.
Gomensoro 131. Ituzaingo. Pcia. Bs. As. - Ituzaingó - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Orthopedics in Argentina
We dedicated to the rent and sale of common and electrical orthopaedic wheelchairs, armchairs, articulated beds electrical manuals and, elements of security for the bath,...

Reflexo therapeutics in Argentina
Yoga Center and ancestral therapies, for 5,000 years our sages have used the sacred medicine for general welfare, from exercises or yogic postures of self-healing,...

SF Estética

We take care of to you from the comfort of your house. Pedicur?a (incarnated nails, foot of athlete, eyes of rooster, diabetic foot, etc), aesthetic of the foot, reflexolog?a (alternative More...
- Capital - Córdoba - Argentina

Podologia CPI

Helomas comprehensive care, corns, ingrown toenail, diabetic foot reflexology footbeds, insoles sports, sale and rental of orthopedic articles.
Ayacucho 1467 - Vicente López - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Podologos Podologia Uba Zona Norte Reflexologia

- Specialized care in diseases of the foot, holistic treatments.
- Ingrown toenails, fungal infections, diabetic foot.
- Preparation of corrective shoe inserts and orthotics.
- Sterile and disposable equipment (biosafety standards)
- Professionals More...
Ayacucho 1467. Florida, vte. Lopez. Zona Norte. - Vicente López - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

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