Psychologists in Argentina

"attention, individual and couples psychotherapy. short-therapies with the patient participatory. -hour sessions, monday through saturday. affordable fees. .

Clinica de Psicologia

Col. El Roble - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Natalia Molina. Psicoterapias (UBA)

"Attention, individual and couples psychotherapy.
Short-therapies with the patient participatory.
-Hour sessions, Monday through Saturday. Affordable fees.
- Flores - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Psychotherapists in Argentina
Anguish, anciedad, depression, phobias, attacks of panic, anorrexia and bulimia, addictions. Children: upheavals of conduct and learning, enuresis, phobias....

Psychotherapy in Argentina
Transpersonal therapy Flower therapy -individual-couple-gruposd -workshops discussion...

Studio Sat-Darshanam

Treatment methods are numerous and apparently different from each other, but have more points than differences meetings: for example, the figure of the therapist and the patient.
- Caballito - Buenos Aires - Argentina


Comprehensive therapy, connecting body and mind.

Addresses any psychophysical disorder, somatic illnesses, addictions, malaise, depression, anxiety, disturbed sleep, feeding, sexuality, thought and emotion.
Pico 1952 - Núñez - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Psicologa (uba) Veronica b Diaz

cerca de la estacion florida oeste del ferrocarril belgrano - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Centros de rehabilitación en los Estados Unidos -
Lic. Mauricio Ontiveros C.O. Rehabilitación osteopatica. Tratamientos en columna vertebral....

Atencion Integral Psicologica

fornier 3228 olivos - Vicente López - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina


Anguish, anciedad, depression, phobias, attacks of panic, anorrexia and bulimia, addictions. Children: upheavals of conduct and learning, enuresis, phobias.
bs as- cap fed- barrio norte - Palermo - Buenos Aires - Argentina


We are a group of professionals specializing in clinical psychology, with extensive experience in public care and private hospital.
our undergraduate and postgraduate clinical experience varied endorse, and at the same More...
- Caballito - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Speech therapy in Argentina
Fonoaudiologa home - Evaluation - Diagnosis - Treatment For children, youth and adults in language, speech, voice...

Centro de Estudios Parapsiquicos

Parapsychic center studies and alternative therapies
Joined: Ministry of Culture and National Education Law 13047, Decree 40471, No. 9347

Courses and careers and free tutorial and distance assistance:
Degree in parapsychology.
Expert in parapsychology More...
Mendoza 1731 - Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina

Psicologia Integral

20 Years in North.
All ages - psicopedagia - adolescence - Psychogerontology - feeding disorders - groups in anxiety disorders and panic - psicoinformes - Attention to psychosis - acompañam . More...
- Vicente López - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

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