Acqua Comercial Pescados y Mariscos

Acqua Comercial Pescados y Mariscos

Chascomus 161 - Mataderos - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Leaders in import, commercialization and processing of fish and shellfish
Acqua Comercial is the distributor of fish and seafood that best adapts to its needs and facilitates the links between producers and consumers. Our location, in the neighborhood of Mataderos in the City of Buenos Aires, contributes to the rapid contact with the productive centers and the distributors with whom we work at national level.

At Acqua we focus on the importation of sea products to Argentina, the wholesale and the refrigerator service of the same. In this way, we managed to provide an integral service to our customers.

Among our products are salmonidae (including pink salmon and rainbow trout, which appears to be disheveled or butterfly-shaped) and white fish (haddock, sole, hake, hake, black hake and sea bass that come filleted).

As for seafood, we include mollusks, represented by squid, peeled squid, calamarete, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, mussels, oysters, cockles, tumbao clams, razor clams and scallops These come in blocks, by tentacle and / or with cooked pulp or half-valves. Crustaceans include shrimp, raw peeled shrimp (all whole or peeled), crab, (which is sold cooked), shrimp and lobster, from Cuba.

We also work with blue and white tuna from Uruguay, sardines originating in Spain, Surimi from China and cornalitos of national origin.

In addition to the import and distribution of fish and seafood, in Acqua we also market smoked products such as salmon and trout that come in different shapes and quantities.

Our production methods contribute to ensuring that all products retain the freshness necessary for customers to be satisfied with our merchandise. By focusing particularly on each of them, everyone can count on a personalized service that suits their needs.

The quality of our services is guaranteed by the personnel and technology of the first level with which we work in Acqua Comercial, taking into account the sanitation processes necessary for the correct distribution and subsequent consumption of each of our sea products.


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