Centro de Estudios Parapsiquicos

Mendoza 1731 - Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina

WWW http://www.parapsiquis.com
Parapsychic center studies and alternative therapies
Joined: Ministry of Culture and National Education Law 13047, Decree 40471, No. 9347

Courses and careers and free tutorial and distance assistance:
Degree in parapsychology.
Expert in parapsychology and religion.
Expert in parapsychology and demonology.
Expert in psychic healing.
Expert in Angelology.
Expert in occult phenomena.
Expert in transpersonal psychology.
Expert in physiological language of gesture and mime.
Expert in psychophysiological rebalancing.
Technician hypnosis.
Sofrosis technician.
Dowsing technician.
Bioenergoterapia technician.
Reflexology technician.
Massage Therapy.
Systems Study:
Face: one day a week during the months that lasts the course of your choice.
Free and away with tutorial assistance. This system allows you when you start. want, from the comfort of your home.
Intensive day: intended for all those who through distance or other reasons can not attend weekly, is issued once a month, for the duration of the completed months. those interested should register as soon as possible because the space is limited.


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