Metal Tech S.A.

V. Sarsfield 5580 - Carapachay - Vicente López B1606ARD - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Foods machines for the industry. Graphic arts printing cylinders for hollow recorded preparation. Graphic arts machines repair. Autoelevadores repair. Airplanes repairs. Pumps repair. Cranks repair. Hydraulic and tyre cylinders. Galvanoplasty. Chromed galvanoplasty hard. Galvanoplasty electroless nickel. Nickel-plated galvanoplasty. Galvanoplasty stuffed metallic in cold. Hydraulic cranes repairs. Hidroelevadores repairs. Gastronomic facilities. Road machines and equipment repairs. Matricerias for plastic. Molds for rubber. Desmoldantes plastics aerosol. Plastic machines for the industry repair. Anti-corrosion linings. Treatments of surface.


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