Proder S.A.

Av. Juan B. Justo 3720 - Capital Federal - Buenos Aires 1416 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Electrical grinders. Tyre grinders. Equipments. Bocallaves. Footwear for the industry and of security. Rubber footwear dull. Strap. Criques. Discs for roughdressing and cut. Dobladoras for sewers. Slings. Industrial hardware. Electricity-generating groups. Industrial gloves. Antitipsy tools. Electrical tools. Tools generally. Hydraulic tools. Tyre tools. Tools for mechanics. Lijadoras portable. Sandpapers to the water. You file. Keys of blow. Electrical and tyre keys of impact. Males to thread. Steel wicks. Wicks for rotopercutores. Walruses. Tweezers. Seals. Hydraulic presses. Industrial protection articles for the protection personal security. Rivets. Industrial security. Circular mountain ranges. Soldadoras electrical. Electrical drills.


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